How can you manage your money better?

In this section, I will collect my findings over the years: Do not chase money but instead invest in yourself by improving your skills so money chases you. Hire a professional financial advisor. Max out pre-tax contributions like 401K, HSA, DCAP, IRAs etc. Diversify your investments across stocks, bonds, cash, crypto etc. Track your expensesContinue reading “How can you manage your money better?”

How to lead a healthy and happy life?

In this section, I will collect my learnings over the years: Sleep is extremely important. Reading this amazing book by Matthew Walker will help you learn why getting 7-9 hours of sleep is so crucial to your overall health. Breathing properly needs so much more emphasis. We are all breathing 20,000 times a day soContinue reading “How to lead a healthy and happy life?”

What has our Labradoodle Puppy taught us?

Puppies are adorable especially if they are Labradoodle teddy bears. Here are some of our key learnings after a few months with our new puppy: Do not allow them to sleep on your bed even for a single night. They must know that they need to sleep in their crate. We gave in for aContinue reading “What has our Labradoodle Puppy taught us?”