How to lead a healthy and happy life?

In this section, I will collect my learnings over the years:

Sleep is extremely important. Reading this amazing book by Matthew Walker will help you learn why getting 7-9 hours of sleep is so crucial to your overall health.

Breathing properly needs so much more emphasis. We are all breathing 20,000 times a day so are we doing it right?

Chewing your food – Do you chew at least 12 times before swallowing every bite of food?

Meditating – Do you have 10 minutes to dedicate each day for meditation or just quiet reflection? If not, then you probably need 20 minutes of meditation.

Walking – Setup a goal for a fixed number of steps each day. It can be 6K or 10K or 20K. The key is to have a fixed goal that you are regularly meeting.


Screen time reduction needs more focus.


Spend time with your family, kids, pets and friends.

Don’t smoke and limit the alcohol consumption.


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